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US-892596-A: Wood-milling machine. patent, US-892675-A: Letter-sheet. patent, US-89302-A: Improvement in felt suspender-end patent, US-8933-A: Samuel baeker patent, US-893458-A: Window-shade-holding device. patent, US-89461-A: Improvement in wrenches patent, US-895048-A: Cable-grip. patent, US-895467-A: Elevator-door. patent, US-895471-A: Hopple. patent, US-895527-A: Continuous sales-strip. patent, US-896147-A: Process of fitting linings for water-closet tanks. patent, US-896558-A: Composition of matter. patent, US-897113-A: Mold. patent, US-898280-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-89912-A: Improved bed-bottom patent, US-899608-A: Metal-cutting tool. patent, US-900329-A: Steam-trap. patent, US-900862-A: Gas-producer. patent, US-900985-A: Hydraulic pressing device for application to the press-rolls of pulp or paper making machines. patent, US-901235-A: Planter. patent, US-901749-A: Coating-machine. patent, US-902051-A: Safe. patent, US-903180-A: Filing-case. patent, US-906439-A: Heating apparatus. patent, US-906444-A: Cigar-package. patent, US-907215-A: Knocking-pen. patent, US-907921-A: Thread-intercutting tool. patent, US-908426-A: Process of producing cylindrical receptacles of paper, pasteboard, and the like. patent, US-909130-A: Machine for making books. patent, US-910845-A: Combined cork-puller and time-indicator. patent, US-91084-A: Improvement in cultivators patent, US-91097-A: Improvement in combined saw-set, gtjmmer, punch patent, US-9119-A: Improvement in benzole-lights patent, US-912270-A: Lifting-jack. patent, US-912374-A: Shaft-loop for harness. patent, US-912510-A: Hay-stacker. patent, US-912849-A: Window-screen. patent, US-912893-A: Reversing-gear for engines. patent, US-913126-A: Molding apparatus. patent, US-914036-A: Cushion-tire for vehicle-wheels. patent, US-914156-A: Apparatus for treating rubber. patent, US-914202-A: Floor-surfacing machine. patent, US-914298-A: Liquid-surface drain for gas-holders. patent, US-915145-A: Process for producing mosaic or marble paper. patent, US-915708-A: Door-stop. patent, US-916518-A: Horse for glass cylinders. patent, US-916913-A: Cotton-seed huller. patent, US-917158-A: Spoke-fastener. patent, US-917693-A: Cotton-cleaner. patent, US-918777-A: Weighing-scale. patent, US-918867-A: Process of packing filters. patent, US-918989-A: Apparatus for use in extracting turpentine and resinous matter from resinous wood. patent, US-919531-A: Log-buoy. patent, US-919659-A: Sheet-metal tobacco-box. patent, US-920142-A: Motor-vehicle. patent, US-92045-A: Improved railway-rail and splice patent, US-920815-A: Tubular lantern. patent, US-920882-A: Miner's lamp. patent, US-920971-A: Roasting-furnace. patent, US-922870-A: Means for raising liquids. patent, US-923376-A: Shelf-tongs. patent, US-923753-A: Alternating-current motor. patent, US-924036-A: Spring-wheel. patent, US-924160-A: Device for securing car-doors. patent, US-924295-A: Electrolier-switch. patent, US-925675-A: Toilet article. patent, US-92612-A: Improvement in shuttle-box-operating lever for looms patent, US-926276-A: Skirt-marker. patent, US-926900-A: Transmitting apparatus. patent, US-927423-A: Car-coupling. patent, US-927543-A: Manifolding envelop-check. patent, US-927625-A: Display-cabinet. patent, US-92813-A: Improvement in valve-gear for actuating steam and other enginery patent, US-928547-A: Electrical starting device. patent, US-929960-A: Waste-paper receptacle. patent, US-930822-A: Incandescent gas-lamp. patent, US-931272-A: Railway-spike. patent, US-931381-A: Smoothing-iron. patent, US-93204-A: Improvement in steam-valve devices patent, US-932440-A: Steam-boiler furnace. patent, US-93245-A: Improved composition for roofing patent, US-933296-A: Locking device for incandescent-electric-lamp bulbs. patent, US-933832-A: Ore-crusher. patent, US-934178-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-934313-A: Harrow attachment. patent, US-934826-A: Hook-fastener. patent, US-935043-A: Automatic switch-throwing device. patent, US-935489-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-93568-A: Improvement in sleigh-bells patent, US-936551-A: Parcel, cash, and wind protecting attachment for booths or the like. patent, US-93706-A: Improvement in machine for pressing down the seams in sheet-metal patent, US-937081-A: Insecticide. patent, US-93787-A: Improvement in sawing-machines patent, US-938253-A: Combined turbine-muffler and fly-wheel. patent, US-938485-A: Combined window curtain and shade hanger. patent, US-939369-A: Sweeping compound. patent, US-93944-A: Improvement in manufacture op bricks patent, US-939949-A: Safety-envelop. patent, US-941123-A: Embroidering-machine. patent, US-941549-A: Trimmer for stereotypes. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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