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US-5814061-A: Rapid exchange stent delivery balloon catheter patent, US-2010294019-A1: Impact Testing Device patent, US-5828519-A: Disk clamp device and disk drive patent, US-5881438-A: Extrudable locking clamp with release patent, US-5895305-A: Book with movable toy for children patent, US-5963610-A: CEDM data acquisition system patent, US-5973718-A: Method and apparatus to correct for active write length and bow changes in LED print bars patent, US-5988872-A: Sector data decoding method and circuit in a CD-ROM drive patent, US-6013624-A: Method for inducing the proliferation and migration of endothelial cells using scatter factor patent, US-6050406-A: Storage case for diffraction grating patent, US-6218509-B1: LH/CG receptor, DNA and use thereof patent, US-6243158-B1: Projection exposure apparatus and method patent, US-6322163-B1: Hydraulic vehicle brake system with antilock device patent, US-6372831-B1: Flame resistant rubber modified polymer compositions patent, US-6402168-B1: Steering device for vehicle patent, US-6433335-B1: Geiger-Mueller triode for sensing the direction of incident ionizing gamma radiation patent, US-6437153-B1: Process for preparing 3-(1-hydroxyphenyl-1-alkoximinomethyl)dioxazines patent, US-6440236-B1: Ultra-high strength metastable austenitic stainless steel containing Ti and a method of producing the same patent, US-6459283-B1: Method and system for testing an electrical component patent, US-6464521-B1: Connector device having narrowed pitches between terminal members patent, US-6551748-B1: Prevention of polymerization in Li/MnO2 organic electrolyte electrochemical systems patent, US-6579049-B2: Expansion anchor patent, US-6639310-B2: Pin arrangement for high frequency integrated circuit patent, US-6664102-B2: Fungal degradation and bioremediation system for creosote-treated wood patent, US-6669450-B2: Rotary slant shaft type gas compressor with multi-stepped exhaust system patent, US-6674385-B2: Analog-to-digital conversion method and device, in high-density multilevel non-volatile memory devices patent, US-6683221-B1: Production of formaldehyde from CH4 and H2S patent, US-6750859-B2: Size conditioned visibility search system and method patent, US-6781411-B2: Flip flop with reduced leakage current patent, US-4010042-A: Process for removing phosphosilicate coatings patent, US-4029275-A: Anchoring assembly for a machine base patent, US-4043029-A: Waveguide and process for making the same patent, US-4201177-A: Compound bow patent, US-4220388-A: Electrical connector and contact and housing therefor patent, US-4237922-A: In-line flow control valve patent, US-4279368-A: Stanchion assembly patent, US-4287856-A: Engines patent, US-4287946-A: Formation testers patent, US-4294204-A: Vehicle speed limiting device patent, US-4297817-A: Earthen-covered structure and panel used therein patent, US-4333753-A: Method of liquefying Freon gas patent, US-4351249-A: Reactor patent, US-4366116-A: Nuclear reactor fuel assembly duct-tube-to-handling-socket attachment system patent, US-4378934-A: Method and apparatus for salvaging large pipe elbows patent, US-4459957-A: Fuel injection pump patent, US-4488334-A: U-bolt clamp saddle construction and method of manufacture patent, US-4544606-A: Fibrilled polymeric films as reinforcement in manufactured products based on hydraulic binders patent, US-4563075-A: Device for pressure fusing images on to paper in electrostatic copiers patent, US-4581935-A: Method and apparatus for grading fibers patent, US-4583061-A: Radio frequency power divider/combiner networks patent, US-4593234-A: Programmable apparatus for controlling illuminating lamps patent, US-4616991-A: Apparatus for the manufacture of a corrugated wafer board panel patent, US-4669922-A: Delivery boot for pneumatic delivery systems for grain and/or granular fertilizer patent, US-4692392-A: Color electrophotographic process uses layered photosensitive element having conductive film on side portion patent, US-4703347-A: Individuality discriminating system patent, US-4707426-A: Radiation exposure method of manufacturing a color cathode ray tube having light absorptive areas patent, US-4722368-A: Unwinding device for twin warp beams in weaving looms patent, US-4769050-A: Liquid separator assembly patent, US-4771723-A: Sailboard assembly having a foot-operable steering assembly patent, US-4771970-A: Pressure flow control device patent, US-4814923-A: Cassette condition indicating device patent, US-4829209-A: Ultrasonic motor with stator projections and at least two concentric rings of electrodes patent, US-4834563-A: Thermal ink-transfer printer provided with jam detecting device patent, US-4854258-A: Bumper rub strip assembly patent, US-4858869-A: Cup attachment system patent, US-4875758-A: Plastic-coated optical transmission fiber and an estimating method thereof patent, US-4902982-A: Nonlinear noninverting transimpedance amplifier patent, US-4920221-A: Substituted decahydro-1H-pyrido[1,2-f]phenanthridines and decahydropyrrolo[1,2-f]phenanthridines patent, US-4956345-A: 2-alkynyladenosines as antihypertensive agents patent, US-4980966-A: Rod holder for the assembly of heat exchangers patent, US-4989297-A: Treatment of cotton patent, US-5023760-A: Retractable turn signal assembly for trucks patent, US-5070306-A: High-gain differencial amplifier circuit fabricated from field effect transistors patent, US-5081649-A: Method of quadrature-phase amplitude modulation patent, US-5114412-A: Magnetic bladder cycler patent, US-5128965-A: Digital radio link system and a method of adjusting the transmission power in a digital radio link system patent, US-5144676-A: Digital sampling instrument patent, US-5175117-A: Method for making buried isolation patent, US-5175933-A: Pizza fork apparatus patent, US-5183757-A: Process for the production, desiccation and germination of conifer somatic embryos patent, US-5243367-A: Optical system for measuring the human cornea patent, US-5244434-A: Ventilator patent, US-5245727-A: Adjustable hinge patent, US-5313660-A: Antenna diversity system with at least two antennae for the mobile reception of very-high and ultra-high frequency waves patent, US-5345750-A: Apparatus for supplying and sealing flat articles patent, US-5357630-A: Name resolution method for a distributed data base management system patent, US-5390009-A: Developing device patent, US-5433800-A: Scanning induction hardening patent, US-5438738-A: Theft-deterrent device for attachment to theft-attractive articles patent, US-5442272-A: Current limiting for DC electric motor start-up patent, US-5448142-A: Signaling techniques for DC track powered model railroads patent, US-5579357-A: Transmission line using a phase splitter for high data rate communication in a computerized tomography system patent, US-5619737-A: Encodement-on-film recording apparatus utilizes flash components in a camera patent, US-5651416-A: Fire extinguishing method patent, US-5781287-A: Coil body for miniature relays and the like patent, US-5865451-A: Angular auto-adjustive skid-proof pad system on a baby stroller patent, US-5892706-A: Fram, fram card, and card system using the same patent, US-5898380-A: Shock endurable alarm lamp patent, US-5920167-A: Ultrasound detection device in particular for an automatically controlled windscreen cleaning system patent, US-5997835-A: Process for steam reforming of hydrocarbons patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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