Continuous sales-strip.



PATLN'ILD AUG. 11,1908. J. R. WILLIAMS. CONTINUOUS SALES STRIP. PPLIGTIOH ILBD FEB- 12, i907. , Yendm Um'rnn STAT JAMES REID WILLIAMS, OF FAYET'IEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, ASSIGNOR, `BY DIRECT AND my invention. ne PATENT ommen.l MESNE ASSIGNMENTS, TO TlENT-IONAL.STAMPXENDING MACHINE COMPANY, QF FAY- ETVTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, A CORPORATION CF NORTH CAROLINA. y coN'rrNUoUs seLEs-s'rnrr. Speuicstion of Letters Patent. Patented Aug. 11, 19038. Application sied reti-um 1s, ieo'z. sel-in no. asignan. To all whom it may concem.' .Be it known that I, JAMES REID WIL- mams, residing at Fayetteville, in the county o f Cumberland and State of North Carolina, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Continuous Sales-Strips, of which the iollowinrF is a speciiication. My invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in sale strips, articularly adaptedior use inconnection wit vending machines and the like, and in its generic nature, my invention comprises e continuous ribbon or strip havin? provisions in virtue oi which the articles to he sold may be retained by the strip and spaced at suitable intervals apart, if necessary, to permit the stri cut in sections by the machine and t e sections lfed. out to the buyer, each section containin the ,requisite quantity of articles to be' sol In its more detail nature, my invention comprises a continuous strip of the character stated having pockets for retaining the arti' cle to 'be sold and means for cooperating with the vending machine whereby the strip may be fed through the vending machine, as may be desired. My invention is particularly adapted for use 1n connection with the vending machine disclod in" the co-p-endiniT application of William C., Briggs, iiled on i ebruary 6, 1907 356,107 and in which the present applicant holds an interest by assignment. In its more subordinate nature my invention comprises certe-in novel construction, arrangement and design oi continuous sale stri such as will be iiist described in detail, an then be specifically pointed out in the appended claims, reference beirn7 had to the accompanying drawings, in whic Figure 1., is a diaorsmmatic view of the preferred .form'oi saale stri prior to being olded to receive the artic es. Fig. 2, is a diagrammatic View in perspective showing the strip folded end the articles to be sold (stamps o r tickets) placed in the strip. Fig. 3, is a. plan View showing the strio after being folded and the articles being shown the strip in dotted lines and the strip being perforated to permit its being fed through the machine. Fig. 4, is e. cross section on the i'ne 1 4 offFig. 3. Fig. 5, is a diagrammatic view of a further modification of Fig. -6, is a diagrammatic to he' vier; of another form of my invention. 7 is a detail, diagrammatic perspective view showing a further modification of -my invention. v Referring now to the accompanying draw-- ings in which like letteis and numerals of reference indicato like perte in all of the figures, and referring particularly to the iigures illustreating the preferred form oi my invention, it ivill los noticed thetI provide a continuous strip of ps, 1er, or other suitable materiel 1 of s, i, any desires lengte, which strip xs sda ted to be folded lengthwise along its central ine 1 into the position shown in Fig. 2, andthe articles 2 to be vendedsey, postage stamps or tickets are-placed in the pocket which is formed at suitebly slowed lnterrsls apart, the entire strip me he then rolled up on a bobbin (not showingl and fed to the vending machine, (also not shown). In order to adapt the strip to the proper feeding in the vending machine of the type I have' liereinhefore mentioned, thestrip is perforated as at 1b at snitebie intervals between eech ci the articles to he vended, thus forming pockets, as it 'wei-e, between adjacent periorations 1b within which the' vendible articles are held. As the strip is fed through the vending machine it is cut off in lengths aloiof a line zt', see dot and dash lines in ljig. 1, to deliver each section or pocket to the urchaser. lIn Fig. 5, I have shot-vn a slightly modified form ci' my invention in whic the strip instead of being folded longitudinal is provided with slits 1d to form s. strep 1 as shown, end this form is particularly adapted for selling two or more postage stamps 2 which may-be folded over along their line of perforation and one of which may be inserted under the strep 1 end thus held in position. A second strap 1t may be formed under which the ree ends of the stam c may be tucked, the perforations 1b mcy also be pro vided in this form of my invention et suitable intervals, as shown. In Fig. 5, I have shown a still 'further modiied form of my invention which is similar to the form shown in Fig. l, except that I glue or otherwise paste the folded strip together. be provided with a series of perfomtions b' in n n y. l 895,527 ,lieuof the single perforation 1b of the preceding forms of my invention. While I have shown several forms of rny invention, yet I desire it understood, thatI am not limited to the specific structure there# of, the essentiel feature of my invention being the provision of n continuous sale strip hevmesnsforreteinin the erticletobevended 111g c g at suitehlyspsced intervals and capable of being cut off end delivered in sections. In practice esch section of the strlp may ce provided mth se-xteble edvermsmg metter 4, as insieme in rig. 1, if desired. Fi 7, shows enotner modification in. whic the strip is provided With foldsble fla s 5. connection with the accompanying drawings :1 1s thonght the lcomplete construction endadvsnteges of my invention will be readily understood eind its use end onerntien will be resdily eppsrent to those skilled in the srt to which the invention eppertsins. 1. As e .new srti le or manufacture, s con-v tinuous sales strip oldeble over upon itself lo 'tudineil seid stri havin e. series of 1 Vs seed nerfomtrons on eecn of the folded sections, th se of one section registering with those of the other when folded, sind perforar em the foregoing description teken intions dividing seid strip into a series of article receiving ockets, one of the strip sections hevingsflsps oldsble over the other section. 2. e. new article of manufacture, a continuousssles strip foldable longitudinally pockets ssid soles strip having separating portions between each pocket, seid strip edepted to ce seperated et each of smfd separating portions to form seperate article containers,- said seperate article containers having suitable printed metter to serve else as coupons, seid strip having flaps en oneeide of the coupon to fold over the opposite sido of the coupon sections, substsntlsllyes shown sind de scribed. l , JAMESREID WHLIAMS. Witnesses: JAS. C. McDIAnmD, C. C. BRYAN.



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