Improved bed-bottom

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  • Publication Date: May 11, 1869
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N utmltstrs mnt @imita ALONZO BOONA AND JAMES HL BELL, 0F GALEsBURe', ILL'I-Nols. Y l n Lenerslamilvo. 89,912,1zgd Mafy 11,1869. " v A t fnriaovnn sen-Bonora The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making ofthe same To .all whom it ma/y coincefm .'A A Be it known thatwe, yALONZO T. BooN and J AMES l H. BELL, vof' thisJ c ity of G alesburg, in the county of Knox, and State of Illinois, have `invented a new and useful Improvement in Bed-Bottoms; and we do herebyedeclare that the following isa full, clean-and exact description of the construction and operation of the same, reference beinghadto theaccompanying drawings, making' a `part of this specification, `.in which- Vliigurel is a top view. W f Figure 1.2 isa longitudinal section as indicated by the line :ty o'fiig,` 1. 1 y Figures 3, 4.-, 5, 6, and 7, are views in detail of the bed-bottom.4 l " Like letters in the figures of the drawings, indicate f likeparts. i -Thelnature ofour invention consists of twometallic boxes, of a cylindrical-or other form, closed at one of their ends, and-provided therein with rubber, and secured centrally on each side of the bed iu a suitable finanner, the said boxes having two arms so arranged i with 'the rubberl therein, and the ends of the bed-bot- Atom as that a more substantialand durable spring may j .be obtained to the bed-bottom f. Our invention consists, furthenof a spoolso constructed and arranged; with respect tothe eud of the bed-bottom, asthatwhen the bedbottom is `made of cloth,`and WebbingisuSed in connection therewith, ` -the spool may be made to;v hold the webbing,` and B -B are pieces of rubber` or guttafpercha insertedwithin the boxesl against their closed ends. C G are the arms, which are arranged on the side i of the bed at a suitable inclination from the boxes to support the bed-bottom, one end of each arm `bein placed within the boxes against'the rubber, and the ends oppositeattached tothe under sides of the end rails dd ofthe bed-bottom.. v When arranging the arms iii` their proper places, or if atfany time they should not press tight enough upon the rubber to give the required spring to the-bed-bottom, the boxes can be moved apart from each other on the plate by a wedge or other device being slipped inbetween them, which wedge will press the rubber upon the ends of the arms, and hold the boxes at the point they have been moved. Aswill be seen from this description of our ivention, the weightof a person on the bed-bottom will press the arms upon 'the rubber in the boxes which will give an easy and uniform spring to the bed-bottom. The bed-bottom may be given an inclined position from either end thereof, as may be desired, 'bythe application of a strap and buckle at either corner ofthe upper and lower frame of the bed-bottom. , D is thespool, the ends of which are of a hexagonform, each side being curved so as to present sharp` `corners or points to the touch of the hand. Where cloth is used to form the bed-bottom, and webbing to `strengthen the same, the webbing E is attachedtoan end of the bedbottom, and stretched across to the other end,iwhen it is carried under the cross-piece or rail d, and made fast tothe spool, which is so adjusted as -to bring its points 'or corners firmly in contact with the under side of the rail d, and the piece e attached to the outer edge of the railon the under side thereof, in which manner the spool will hold the webbing, and if at anytime it should beoomeloose, lt can be tight-` ened by taking a turn on it with the spool. Having thus fully described our invention, g What we 'claim therei 4 as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is 1. The boxes A A, provided with rubber in combi-` ,hation with arms C O, substantially as and for the purpose, set forth. 2. The spool D, as arranged and operated lsubstantially in the mannerand for the purpose as described' ALONZO T'. BOON, JAMESH BELL. `Witnesses: v, H. W. CARPENTER, En. 0. BooN.



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