J. MICHEL. CIGAR PACKAGE. APPLIIOATION FILED MR. '1, 190B, Patented Dc. 8, 1908. INI/E/VTOR ATTORNEY WITNESSES{ l destroying comp section of the same. FFIQ. JOSEPH W. MICHEL, OF BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK. CIGAR-PACKAGE. No. 9oe,444. Specification 0! Letters Patent. Patented Dec. 8, 1908. Application filed April 7, 1908. Serial No. 426,615. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Josnrn W. MICHEL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Binghamton, in the county of Broome and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Im rovements in Cigar- Packages, of which t e following is a specification. My invention relates to the form of a cigar which most readily adapts itself to be compressed into a neat package or bunch for protection from the air, and a peculiar form of cover to protect from the air, the package of cigars mentioned, and to the preservation therein of the aroma and peculiar qualities of the cigar just as they are when originally placed in the package. I accomplish this by means of a peculiarly shaped cigar which readily adapts itself to be compressed into a compact and peculiarly formed bunch which will most rea ily take on a tobacco cover or wrapper and by means of the said cover or Wrap er which is rolled about the bunch, comp etely conforming to the shape of the bunch and there securel sealed; said package also containing withln it and on the outside of the wrapper, a combination of means whereby it may be readily opened at any time-from'end to end or only partly o ened for the removal of a single cigar or for t e removal of the entire contents without breaking up the wrapper or covering, which would result from random hand manipulation or breaking open at random of the package by the fingers. My cigar is of such a peculiar shape and the package formed therefrom is of such a shape as to be readily covered and scaled up, so that the bunch is completely protected from the loss of moisture, aroma, strength or flavor, by evaporation. It has been found that when a packa e of cigars is once covered and sealed it is di cult to open the bunch or break into it with the fingers to remove a cigar, without completely destroying the wrapper. In my device the ackage preserves, in a neat and compact orm, all the original value and qualities while in show cases and on sale or in the hands of the consumer waiting for use, with ready means for o ening the package without Fetely, the protecting features of the wrapper. Figure 1, re resents a perspective view of my device. ig. 2, represents a longitudinal Fig. 3, represents a perspective view showing a cigar in the act of sing-removed from the case. Fig. 4, represents a side view of. one of the cigars. Fig. 5, is a cross-section taken on line 55 of Fig. 2. Fig. 6, is a cross-section taken on line 66 of imilar letters refer to similarparts throughout the several drawings. A, C and D represent cigars made in the peculiar forms shown in Figs. 4 and 5. F is the wrapper or covering of the bunch of cigars mentioned and usually wound around in such a manner, in spiral form about the bunch, as will give the greatest strength andsecurity to the cover as it is fastened about the bunch of cigars, and it is made of several layers of tobacco. For the purpose of my invention I select for a cover or envelo a certain kind of tobacco, and having a out it as much of an impervious element as is possible, to perfectly seal the contents against outside atmos heric influences and which will preserve and hold the full flavor of the cigars within. In my device, the wrap er for the bunch of cigars will preserve inde 'tely the full flavor and quality of the cigars contained therein, and bein of the same kind of material as the cigar itse f, does not take up unto itself or absorb into itself from the cigars any of the peculiar qualities of the cigar, so that this wra per has a twofold value of a preserver of t e aromatic features of the cigar and as a protector of the package, as before mentioned. I first shape my cigar as shown in Fig. 4. I then ather the several cigars into a bunch in whic the several cigars are held as shown in Fig. 2, and the bunch is compressed into the form shown in Fig. 3, so that the shape of the bunch assumes the form shown in Figs. 2 and 5. To one of these cigars, preferably the one on the outside of the bunch, I attach the cord G, which serves as not only my opening device but as a removing device of the contents. I then lay the cord longitudinally upon the bunch, following the conformation of the same, and then roll about the bunch the wrapper F, so manipulating it as to be closely bound about the bunch, the cord G being of sufficient length to extend beyond the end of the ackage, as shown in Fig. 1. I then sea the wrapper by an adhesive substance so that it will become a hermetically sealed package. I then lace on the other side of the package, either l y print or indentation, a line of dots or indentations. When I desire to open the package thus sealed to remove a cigar, holdmg the package in one hand I grasp the outer end of the cord G with my other hand and draw longitudinally upon the cord and cause the cord to cut an opening and to follow a course along the dotted line F in tearing its to the other end of the way outward, large enough for the end of the cigar to extend outwardly through it, and to out its way sufficiently far, to open the cover lpackage so that a cigar can be removed, as s own in Fig. 3, but for all ordinary purposes only a suflicient opening need be made to allow this end of the cigar to protrude, and thus it can be re moved by being pulled out longitudinally by the cord G, and thus only a small opening is made in the wrapper and by reason of the adhesive substance in the wrapper a certain spring and stiffness is given to it which immediately closes the opening. The remaining bunch B, C, D, etc. being now loosened up, it is quite easy, by a pressure of the fingers, upon the wrapper, F to cause another cigar B to protrude and be taken out with the fingers when desired for use, without further opening the package, or the cord G by a lateral pull can be drawn through the wrapper until it cuts the opening from end to end of the package as before mentioned, and whenever it is desired to remove the cigars. By this method the slot becomes of sufficient length to permit the entry of the fingers for the removal of the cigars, the opening again closing after each removal. Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and for which I desire Letters Patent is as follows: 1. The combination with a bunch of cigars or cheroots, of a sealed covering generally conforming to the shape of the bunch of cigars contained therein, with an opening and removing device attached to a member of the contents to facilitate the opening of said covermg and the removal of said cigars when re uired, substantially as and for the purposes t erem set forth. ace r44 2. In combination with a bunch of cigars or cheroots, a protective covering of tobacco shaped to cover the bunch Within and securely sealed at both ends, hermetically sealing the contents therein an opening device, the interior end fastened to one member of the bunch with the other end projecting through and extending outside of the sealed end of the wrapper, substantially as and for the purposes therein set forth. 3. The combination with a bunch of cigars, of a wrapper of suitable flexible material securely wound around the bunch and sealed on the sides and at the ends, hermetically sealing the contents and a stripping and severing or removing device, one end of which extends within one end of the wrapper and the upper surface of the bunch, the interior end being fastened to a cigar within, substantially as and for the purposes therein set forth. 4. A bunch of cigars, each cigar composing said bunch having three side surfaces and curved ends, a wrapper about said bunch composed of any flexible material forming an impervious covering; said bunch having also an opening device extending within the package and there fastened to one or more of the members of the interior bunch, the other end projecting outside the wrapper; a series of marks on the outside of the wrapper forming a guiding line to guide the direction of the movements of the opening or removing device, when in operation to open thepackage, and also to indicate the location of the opening device Within the interior of the package, all substantially as and for the purposes therein set forth. 5. A cigar package comprisin a series of closely bunched cigars, a close fitting cover to the same, and a cord attached to one of said cigars and serving to sever the cover. In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature in the presence of'two witnesses. JOSEPH W. MICHEL. Witnesses: W. S. GILMORE, W. F. WARD.



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