Process of producing cylindrical receptacles of paper, pasteboard, and the like.



. 'oi SCHMIDT. - :PROCESS 01"1511'0DU01NG GYLINDBIGAL REGEPTAGLESOP PAPEBPASTBBOABD, AND Tm' Lm. ` PPLIOATIO'N FILED MAB., 4,' 1908. '$908,426. Patented 1m29, 190s. MMU. /f UNITED STATES PATENT QFFCE. OSWALD SCHMIDT, OF EERL, GERMANY. PRCESS F "PRTJCNG CYLNDRCAL RECEPTCLES O? PAPER, PASTEOAB/l, .AND LIKE, no. scanso. Specification of Letters Eatent. Eatented Dec. 29, 1908. Original application :filed nne 24;, 190?, Seria-l No. 380,608. Divided and this application filed March 1908. Serial No. lg. To all whom it' meg; concern: Be it known that l, @sn/Arp Soni/tins', a subject oi the Emperi of Germany, res i ng at Berlin, Germany, 'nave invented certain new and useful lm roveme'nts in Processes of Producing Cylinc rical Receptacles oi Fa- 1 er, Pasteboard, and the. Lilie, of which the ollowing is a full, clear, and exact specification. The present invention relates to a )recess of producing cylindrical receptacles epaper, aste-board and the like having bottoms at otliL ends, one imp rrorate and the other with acentrnl openi The process consi paper on a'cylindrical mandrel and rell ing oneedge of tliepener to project l ono the free end of the revolt'mg mandrel. Sotli bottoms are inserted into this projecting part ot' the paper tlins fori ig n prolongation of the mandrel end a support of the paper stri i suitably wetted sits pssty matter. After "i nisliing the cylindrical surta-ce one bottoni is shifted longitudinally tlirongli the cylindrical receptacle an l ally sealed or cemented at the ot i. ln the accompanying dra-Wine forming part of this speciiication Figure 'i illustrates in section arece tacle havin@ still lootli bottomsl at one end. l? ig. 2 shows the imperforate bottom in a position Wl'iile it is traveling towards t'ne other end. Fig. 3 shows this bottoni in place at the end oi' tlie inisllederticle. ln executing tlie process a strip of paper c is provided with glue or any other pasty inatter by leading it in the ordinary manner through a suitslile trongfl" 'filled with the sticky substance and it is then rolled in the well known manner upon a edindric revolw ing mandrel, n' 1 f. sts rollin@ a strin or 'a paper strip coated With cementing sub- Tne peper led 'upon tire seme in such a Way that the edge rejects 1oejyfond tn?, free end, equal to the tliickness o'' two d.. lts of Woon., paper andthe like designed to torni the 'bottoms oi the article. One of these bottoms a is imperforate and the secon l 4 one l) is provided with a central o ening d. After tlie rlrst circumvolution or the paper on the mandrel both bottoms are insert-ed into tire projecting part and pressed against tie iront end of the mandrel as shown in Fig. l, then the rolling of the paper strip is continued till the Wall reaches the desired thickness. New the object is removed from the mandrel, is placed vertically on e table and rodis inserted into the opening d by 5 means of which under a slight pressure downwardly the bottom a is pushed tothe opposite end as shown in Fig. 8. At this end the inside of the cylinder may be provided previously with some glue to better sec-nre the' bottom o in place. Having tls ns described my invention what l claim is: lroeess of producing cylindrical recente cles of paper, paste-board and the like li; bottoms at both ends which consist in stance upon a cylindrical mandrel, placing ai imperforate bottom and a perlorate loot-toni in front of the mandrel as a prolongation oi the same7 then removing tlie'objoet from the mandrel and finally pushing the imperforate bottom to the opposite end oy means of a tool introduced through the opening of the perlorate bottom. ln testimony whereof l affix my signature OSWALD SCllvHDl. In' the presence of- HnNRr HAsPEn., WOLDEMAR HAUPT.



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