Combined cork-puller and time-indicator.



K. E. PARKER. COMBINED CORK FULLER AND TIME INDICATOR. APPLICATION FILED MAR. 14, 1906. 910,845. I Patented Jan.26, 1909. v - mf""-";;"@MAM Walt: 5! V i fl ATTORNEL n45 :vonms PETERS :0, WASHINGTON. nv IINI'IED STATES EAIENT @FFICE. KITTIE E. PARKER, OF LA FAYETTE, INDIANA, ASSIGNOR OF ONE-HALF TO FREDERICK R. - PARKER, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. COMBINED CORK-FULLER AND TIME-INDICATOR. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, KITTIE E. PARKER, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at La Fayette, in the county of Tippecanoe and State of Indiana, have invented a new and useful Combined Cork-Puller and TimeIndicator of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, illustrating same. My invention relates to cork or stopper pullers and to time indicators, and more particularly to a combination of the two, adapted to indicate any predetermined time. The principal objects of my invention are to provide improved means for indicating time on a bottle or other receptacle, or wherever it is desired to perform a certain duty at a given time; to combine the time-indicating means with a cork or stopper puller to be used in connection with a corked receptacle for pulling the cork and for indicating time; and to provide simplicity and cheapness of manufacture in such a device. Other objects will be apparent from the following specification. On certain occasions it is very desirable to have a time indicator at hand to indicate the exact time at which a certain duty must be performed. For instance, in a sick-room where the patient is required to take medicine at certain intervals, it is very desirable for the attendant to the sick one to have such a device to call attention to the fact that a dose of medicine must be given at a certain time, or that other duties must be performed. Such a device eliminates the necessity of depending upon the memory for these things and does away with the irregularity of such duties, especially where several kinds of medicine are being given to the patient, the intervals being regulated by the memory, or lack of memory, of the attendant. Then again the doctor may leave medicine for the patient without any written directions, in which case the doses are given entirely from the memory of the attendant. The devices of this invention are also very desirable in the kitchen, in cooking, baking, canning fruit, making jelly, etc., when it is desired to leave the food on the stove or in the oven for a definite length of time. As a device for carrying out these purposes, I preferably provide a dial and a pointer which Specification of Letters Fate-zit. Application filed March 14, 1906. lPatented Jan. 26, 1909. Serial No. 305,996. may be set relatively to each other so as to indicate any predetermined time at which the duty should be performed. An occasional glance at such a device will save the attendant the trouble of trying to remember the predetermined time. In connection with a bottle, I preferably provide a cork puller with a pointer adapted to indicate time on the dial. In the accompanying drawings illustrating the preferred form of my invention, Figure 1 is a side view of a bottle and cork equipped with myinvention; and Fig. 2 is a top view of Fig. 1, showing the face of the dial and the pointer. Like characters refer to like parts in the several figures. In the drawings, 1 is a bottle, provided with a cork or stopper 2. The bottle may contain a medicine 3, or anything else, if desired. The dial 4 is preferably graduated in hours and fractions thereof, preferably as shown, and is movably held down on the cork 2 by a cork-screw 5 which is provided with a pointer 6 adapted to register with the scale on the dial to indicate any certain time. The dial 4 may be made of aluminum, nickelloid, celluloid, or any desirable material, and the letters, figures and scale thereon may be either raised, sunken and enameled, or printed thereon. The cork screw 5 and pointer 6 may both be made of a single piece of wire, as shown, which gives a very cheap and simple construction for these parts. The screw part 7 of the cork-screw is inserted through a hole in the center of dial 4 and is then screwed into the cork 2 in the usual manner, thus holding the dial 4 in place against the cork. The cork-screw 5 also serves to pull the cork from the bottle the same as any ordinary cork-screw. In Fig. 2 the device is shown set to indicate the hour 2, or 2 oclock. If it is desired to set the device to indicate some other time, the dial 4 is simply turned, the pointer 6 remaining stationary. In giving medicine by this device, when one dose is given the dial is simply set to indicate the time at which the next dose is to be given. I do not wish to limit this invention to all of the details herein shown, as many modifications thereof may be made without departing from the scope of the appended claim. I have sim ly illustrated and de- As inventor of the foregoing I hereunto scribed the preferrec form of my invention. subscribe my name in the presence of two in What I claim as my invention is: subscribing Witnesses, this 10th day of A stopper and an extractor therefor hav- March, 1906. 5 ing indicating means and a dial movably KITTIE E. PARKER. mounted by the extractor, relatively to the Witnesses: stopper, to register with the indicating means I/VALTER A. GREIG, for indicating purposes. Row. G. PARKER.



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