Improvement in combined saw-set, gtjmmer, punch

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  • Publication Date: June 08, 1869
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diluted tapes. aient (twine. Letters Patent No. 91,097, (lated June 8, 1869. IMPROVEMENT IN COMBINED' 'SAW-setz', GUMMER, PUNCH, AND WIRE-CUTTER. The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same. To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JONATHAN L. DEVOL, of Parkersburg, in the county of NVood, in the State of Vcst XYirginia, have invented a combined Saw-Set, Glimmer-Punch and Wire-Gutter; and I do hereby declare that the following isa full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the an' nexed drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon. I, n - ,Ihe nature of my invention consists in providing the jaws of a.pair of pincers with removable dies or plates, and punches, and with a sliding guide for' the purposes hereinafter set forth. To enable those skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation. Figure 1 represents an elevation, showing the under side of the lower jaw. Figure .2 is a side view of the tool, arranged for punching. Figures 3 to 9 represent views and sections of the different plates and punches. Figure 10 is a plauof the sliding guide. A represents the long lower jaw, which has a wide, dovetailed, and slightly tapering groove cut across its upper side. The depth of this groove is equal to the thickness of the plates to be inserted into it, so that the upper side of the jaw is in one plane with' the upper side of the plate when inserted. rlhe triangular-shaped hole in this jaw is directly under the notch in the gunlining-plate, and the eye ofthe punchplate, when inserted, and allows the wads to fall through. B is the short upper jaw, which has a conical eye widening toward the under side, in which the punches are inserted. C represents the sliding guide, secured to the. upper side of the lower jaw by a screw, u., which moves loosely in a slot of the jaw. lt has a seniicircular shape, as shown in iig. l() of the drawings, with its ends pointing to the open ends of the jaws. By means of the screw and slot in the jaw, it can be adjusted to give the desired set to the teeth of a saw, and in gurniming, to determine the size and sha-pe p of the teeth. a is the upper handle, and forms one piece with the lower jaw A. b is the lower handle, forming one piece with the upper jaw B, and is hinged at :c to the upper handle a. n s is a spring between the handles, throwing them apart, and holding the jaws open. Itis fastened to the upper handle a. y G represents the set-punch. H represents the gumming-punch. y I represents the round punch. K represents the cutting-punch. The operation is as follows :4 g \Vhen it is desired to use' the tool as a saw-set, the set-plate is inserted in the groove vof the lower jaw of the pincers, in such a manner that its bevel is up, and nearest the sliding guide, Togive to the teeth of a saw more or less set, the sliding guide is pushed over or from the bevel of the set-plate. v The set-punch 'is inserted in the upper jaw, in such a manner, that when brought down on the set-plate, the part g, of its ends, will lie flat against the upper side, and the part g', against the bevel of the set-plate. 'The upper handleis now taken in the palm of thc hand, and the long lower jaw slipped under the saw, lying dat on it, and the toothed ed'ge. of the saw butting against the sliding guide. The lower handle is then drawn up bythe fingers; this brings the punch down on the saw, holding it firmly, fiat toV the jaw, and, at the same time, bending a tooth down. The pressure on the lower handle is then released, when the action of the springwill throw the upper jaw with the punch up. The tool is then slid along to the next tooth but one, the operation repeated, and so on, until every alternate tooth is bent down, when the saw is lturned upside down, andthe teeth not yet bent opi erated upon in the saine manner. The double action of the set-punch pressing the saw dat against the set-plate, and at the same time bending a tooth over the bevel of the plate, makes a set-screw unnecessary, and gives a uniform set to the saw. v For cutting wire the same plate may be used, but the set-punch is taken ont of, and the cutting-punch put in the upper jaw. n For gulnming, Jthe plate E and punch H are used, the plate being inserted iu the lower jaw in such a manner that its notch is nearest the sliding guide and the punch in the upper jaw, so that when brought down it will enter the notch in the plate. rlthe size oi the teeth and their shape, are determined by thc adjustable sliding guide, which allows more or less of the saw to be subjected to the action of the punch, and at diiicrent angles. For punching, the plate F and the round punch are used, the latter, when borne down, entering the eye oi" the forlncrl ln guuuning and punching, the operation is arrested by the curved ends oi' the handles comingv together at thc point when the whole surface of the end of a punchis just below the plane ofthe upper side ofthe plate. Y That I cla-ini as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is 1. The jaw A, constructed as snown and arranged, lIn' testimony whereof, I have signed my name to to receive the dies or plates D E F, and. guide C, in this specification, in the presence of two subscribing combination with the jaw B, substantially as and for witnesses. the purpose specied. v j J. L. DEVOL. 2. The combination and arrangement of the jaws A and B, set-punch G, gumming-plate H, round punch Witnesses: I, cutting-punch K, guide G, and plates or dies D, E, THEODORE L. MAURICE, and F, substantially as shown, and for the purposes W. S. DEVOL. specified. l



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