Process for producing mosaic or marble paper.



UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. FRITZ WITTSTOCK, OF-BERLIN, GERMANY. {RECESS FOR PRODUCING MOSAIC D R MARBLE PAPER. No. 915,145; Specification of Letters Patent. Patented March 16, 1909. Application flied March 5, 1906. .Serial No. 304,336. To all whom it may concern: .1 plate and exposing same without interrup- -Be it knownthatI, FRITZ WITTSTOOK, a tion, he'necessary-time to the effect of light, subject of the Em eror of Germany, residing the final result will be, a simple structure of at Schonhauser Alllee 84, Berlin, N in the lines either in a horizontal or vertical 'direc- 60 Empire of Germany, have invented a certion, which depends on the position of the tain new and Improved Process for Pro- I grain plate placed inside the camera, while, ducing Mosaic or Marble Paper, (Fancy I when exposing Jvith double grain plates, Paper) of which the following is a specifical entirely white spots will be shown with a tion. remarkable distinctness, which is expressed 65' The production of variegated paper whlch very strongly in papers having one and sev- 18 used especially by book-binders and carderal colors. It 1s impossible to mark any board makers was hitherto effected in such 1 difference intint through a lar er or smaller a manner, that; color was a plied by means grain plate. By a plying t e chemicalof a brush upon a gelatin-plhte. Hereu on physical process and making only one ex- 70 .3 the single sheets to be printed with co ors posure with the simple rain plate, an object were ressed upon the gelatin plate, dried which contains White, ight-gray and black and ally varnished. "The product obshades will change in the reproduction as tained in'this manner, may have answered follows: White willrernain completely white, its purpose, but it .is not possible, to produce light gray will result from the use of a fine 20 from a plate, which was prepared an awkgrain plate, dark grayfroni the use of a larger and any unlformity in a certain design re roduction o iii. of light, small black spots are to be found. Ward and diflicult manner, .an unlimited. grain plate and black according to thein number of colored paper sheets and =moretensity of blackspots in the original as such over, there would-be a diiference in the patin the reproduction. tern varying from one sheet to the other The asphalt rocess results in an inexact f the marble grain, results in would be out of question. When a plying cult printing and when enlarging the autotypy for this purpose, it will be impattern, no union of the design will be ospossible, to produce prints With entirely sible. The chalk method is-extremely diffi- White spaces as even in the greatest intensity cult for making an imitation, gives any amount of trouble in printing and an exact itherto two methods are known to carry connection of the lines is out of question. that process into practical effect. The By engraving the pattern, it is impossible oldest of them is, that a glass-plate, upon to imitate any design in an exact manner. which is rovided a lass-network or grain In the practice of my process I may make 35 late wit uniform orizontal or vertical. use of the above mentioned methods, but nes, is taken inv front of a ver sensitive in my process I produce the result desired plate placed inside a photographic camera by the use of a single lithograph stone or and exposed to the effect of ight half of the plate, and at one printing operation. time intended for exposure, whereupon the, In carrying out my process a grain plate 40 camera will be closed and the grain plate is placed in. front of a sensitive plate of a 55 duced, by the old met b'rou ht into a different position. When the photographic camera and a suitable object, first alf of the time for exposure has passed as for example, a marble plateor a Woven with horizontal position of the grain-plate, fabric, is used for a design. The plate havthe second half will pass with vertical osimg been exposed the necessary length of 45 tion of same. The result of this will. 6 a time will show an exact likeness of the depattern, formed of lines crossing each other. sign photographed, the likeness, however, A later method of this kind is to expose a being divided y the lines of the grain plate glass plate upon which is laid a horizontal as Will be understood. The negative thus and vertical grain plate, to expose the senproduced is prepared by photographic means 50 sitive late only once for the time required to be copied on paper as by the production to the f ht and the final result will be a patof an autotype plate from the negative in tern of ines crossing each other. I the well known manner. Prints are then When applying autotypy and if for exmade fromthe autotype plate, difierent colors ample marble co ored paper is to be probeing preferably used in making each print viz. by placing The lmpressions on these prints are then a simple grain plate in front of the sensitive transferred to a lithograph stone or equivafinal printing, scraping ent co ors from the autotype plate will of means upon the number of colors required to produce the desired effect in the course, depend linished impression. The slight shifting of each print or printed sheets with respect to each other, in transferring their impressions one above the other to the stone or plate results in the production of unexcelled marble pa er effects. t is to be understood that,while I prefer to use different colored inks in making the prints or printed sheets, the invention may be practiced by printing with the same colored ink upon the prints or printed sheets, the slight shifting of the sheets, which constitutes the essential features of my inven tion, being done as hereinbefore described. Where the stone or late has applied thereto only ink of one co or, it is reinked in the usual way. When however, inks of different colors are applied thereto, as hereinbefore described, the reinking. is accomplished in the'same manner as that in which the first ink is apkplied. This has been hereinbefore' set fort It is to be understood that the original negative may be reproduced in diiierent colors upon the separate prints or sheets by'any known methods and that in the production of the stone or plate to be used in the knives or other means may be employed to eflect corrections in the stone or p ate where the color is too heavy 'or the lines too close together and that weak spots or arts showing linestoo far apart may be lled in with color bv of a gelatin plate or screen, in accor ance with the present 'ractice in the art. Having thus descri ed my invention, 1 claim: 1. The herein described process which con l sists' in photographing a design through a grain 1 plate, reproducing said design upon separate [prints or sheets, transferring the diflerent impressions of the said prints or sheets to a stone or plate, one impression being superimposed upon another, but each impression being shifted somewhat from exact coincidence with adjacent impressions, and finally printing from said stone or plate. 2. The herein described process which con- I sists in photographing a design through a grain plate, producing an autotype from the negative thus made, producing separate impressions in different colors from said autotype, superimposing said impressions one above the other, but somewhat out of exact coincidence, upon a lithograph stone or analogous plate and finally printing from said stone or plate. In testimony whereof I presence of two witnesses. FRITZ WITTSTOCK. afiix signature in Witnesses HENRY HASPER, CHARLOTTE BUSSLINGER.



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