R. H. BURGESS. SPRING WHEEL. APPLICATION FILED SEPT. 30, 1907. Patented June 8, 1909. UNITED STATES PATE OFF-iron. RICHARD H. BURGESS, OF MULL-IN, TEXAS. SPRING-WHEEL. ' No. 924,0ae. Specification of Letters Patent.' Patented June 8, 1909. Application filed September 80, 1907. Serial No. 395,261. To all whom it may concern: ' Be it known that I, RICHARD H. BURoEss, citizen of the United States, residing at Mullin, in the county of Mills and State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Spring-Wheels, of 'which the ollowing is a specification. The present invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in spring wheels and aims to provide a novel construction for absorbing all shocks and jars and preventing the same from being transmitted roin the rim to the hub of the wheel. A further object of the invention is to design a Wheel of this character which is of simple and durable construction and comprises few parts to which access can be readily iad for re airing if desired. For a fu 1 description ,of the invention and the merits thereof and also to acquire a' knowledge of the details of construction and In general a wheel embod" ing the inven tion comprises a rim and a rub and spokes connecting tho-two members, the said spokes being forincd in sections having a crank conncctlon w th cach other, one of the sections being sccured'to one of thc members Wlllll. the opposite section has a yielding conncc. lion with the opposite mcmbcr. Rcl'crrmgto the drawing the numeral 1 dcsignatcs a hub which maybe of any apirovcd construction, and 2 a rim. Projecting radially from the huh I and preferably rigidly conncctcd thereto are the inner spoke scctionsB, the lrcc ends of wlnch are bifurcated as indicated at 4. In the prefer-redembodimcnt of the invention four spokes are utilized as will be readily apparent from an inspection ol the drawing. A shaft 5 is journaled between the arms of the bifurcated end 4 of each of the spoke sections 3, the said shafts having crank portions 6 adapted to swing within the bifurcations. Pivotally connected to the crank portion 6 of the shaft is the outer s oke section 7 which is normally disposed in a inement with the inner spoke section and terminates in a piston 8. Secured to the rim 2 are the tubular casings 9 receiving the istons 8, cushioning means being provider u on opposite sides of the piston to permit t e sameto havea yieldin movement in either direction. In the embodiment of the invention shown in Fig. 1 coil springs 10 are shown as bearing against opposite sides of the istons 8, while as shown in Fig. 3 the piston as an air ti ht connection with the interior of the tubu ar casing and air is confined on either side thereof, the said air constituting a cushion and'acting in a manner similar to that of the springs a vJll ith this construction it will be readily apparent that the hub is permitted to move relative to the rim and that a yielding connection is provided between the two memhere for the purpose of absorbing the shocks and jars and preventing the same from being transmitted to the vehicle. I laving thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is: ' 'lhe herein-described spring wheel, comprising a hub, a rim, inner s oke sections projecting radially from the hu and having their outer cnds bifurcated, a crank shaft. journalcd within the bifurcated end of each of the inner s )oke sections, an outer s oke section pivota ly connected to each 0 the crank shafts, a piston at the outer end of cach of the outer spoke sections, tubular casings projecting inwardly from the rim and receiving the pistons, and cushioning means arranged within the tubular casings and hearing against the pistons. In testimohy whereof I allix my signature in presence o two witnesses. lllCll RD ll. BURGESS. lL. s] Witnesses: 'l. A. LOVELACE, M. C. KlRKPATBIC-K.



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