Improvement in valve-gear for actuating steam and other enginery

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  • Publication Date: July 20, 1869
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waited gt3-125 gaat aan. I. NQFORRESTER, 0F BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT. Lemfsglaam No. easiaaamz Jurgen, 1869. IMPROVEMENT IN I-VALVIl-(Ii-EAZR FOR .ACTUAEIIN' G- STEAM AND O'IIHIER` ENG-INSERT. The lSchedule referred to in these Letters Patent making part ofthe same. . tient, have invented a new and useful Improvementin Water and Steam-Engines; and I do hereby declare that the followingis a full, clear, andexact description thereof, which will enable others skilled inthe art -to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, vforming part of this specification. The drawing represents a vertical longitudinal section of my improved engine. My invention relates to regulating the stroke of the piston of a steam,- water, or other engine; and It consists in a new and improved arrangement and construction of parts for effecting the same, as will be hereinafter fully described. y A, in the drawing, represents the main cylinder;l l is its valve-chest; (l, the slide-valve; a b, the ports; c, the exhaust port; l), the piston; E, the piston-rod; and F,l the water or steam-supply pipe. G is` a small cylinder, arranged above 0r below thevalve-chcst B. H is its piston, and I, the piston-rod. p This rod I is secured to the slide-valve C, as shown. J is a small valve-chest, arranged on the cylinder G, communicating with the same by means of ports d e, and provided with an exhaust-port, j, and with a small slide-valve, K; AA branch, g, from the pipe F, supplies the valvechest J. y The rod h, of the valve K, is fastened to a pivoted beam L, which has a projecting rod,@`, that fits through an arm, j, projecting from the main piston-rod E. A shoulder, l, is formed on the upper end of the rod "i, and a spring, m, is interposed.l between the arm j and the upper and lower ends of the rod @'said springs being fitted loosely'upon the rod i, as shown. .It will be readily seen, that when, for example, the valve C is raised to open the port b, and when,'conse quently, the piston is moving upward, the arm 7' of the piston-rod E will,3 at the 'en`d of the upward motion, strike the shoulder l, and will elevate the inner end of the beam L. thereby lowering the valve K. ing down also the slide C, which opens the port a and lets thepstonvdesoenrl. The sprngsm m are interposed between the setting-arm and the shoulder operated by it, mainly to gain time for setting thc valves, while the piston is completing its stroke, and also to prevent any jarring valve C is made certain, and the action of the piston reliable. rlhe machine illustrated in the drawing, is more especially intended asa hydraulic organ-blower; but .the same system can be applied to all other machinery, whether driven by water, steam, air, or other liquid or uid, and which may be used for suitable purposes. Having thus described Iny invention, What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- The arrangement of the rod i, provided with the adjustable collar l and springs m,and 'the setting adjustable arm j, with relation to each other, andthe beam L, valve K, piston H, valvev C, and piston D, constructed substantially as herein shown and described. I. N. FORRESTER. Witnesses: F. W. SMITH, Jr., J As. WAITING. The upper port el of the cylinder G is thus opened, andthe piston H is caused to nuove downward, carry



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