Improvement in steam-valve devices

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  • Publication Date: August 03, 1869
  • Publication Number: US-93204-A



w. HQHUnL, or WARREN, oHIo. Letters Patent No. 93,204, dated August 3, 1869. The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same. To all whom tt may concern.- parts, as'hereinafter described. In the accompanying drawings` Figure l is aperspective view of the chest, as it appears on the cylinder of the engine. Figure 2 is a view of the top of the chest, showing the top of the valve, and the valve-rod, the cap of the chest being ofi'. Figure 3 is a longitudinal section of' the cap or top of the chest. Figure 4 is a cross-section of the cap. Figure 5 is a cross-section, showingthe form of the valve on its seat. Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts. A is the chest, which may be made single or double. In this example of my invention, a single chest for one end ofthe cylinder is shown. B is the cap or top of the chest. C is the valve. D is the foot to the cylinder. E is the valve-rod. The steam is admitted to the chest through the aperture F, which is in communication with the channel G, in the cap B, by means of the aperture H. As seen in fig. 2, steam is exhausting from the cylinder, through, the port D, Jowardfthe centre, into the space I, and from the chest. l, J represents the seat ofthe valve. The valve is V-shaped, as seen in iig. 5, and slide to admit and exhaust steam to and from the cylinder, similar to the ordinary slide-valve. When the valve covers the port, steam is admitted on to its top side, by means of the channel K, in the cap B, which corresponds in position with the port D. The steam is admitted tothe channel K through the ends of the port m. By this arrangement, the valve is balanced, andworks perfectly free and easy on its seat. i f Having thus described my invention, I claim as new, and desire yto secure by yLetters Patent- The steam-chest A, with the cap B, the valve G, and channel m, constructed and arranged, substantially as shown and described. ' XV. H. HULL. Witnesses: S. MEDBURY, GEO. M. HULL.



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